Haley M. Jensen

I am a northern Californian, studying communications in Silicon Valley. I like drawing images that are simple and surreal. 

My pieces are founded on the belief that humans are innately noble, although the opposite belief has perniciously invaded our reality. Through my work, I explore the question, what is true justice? Is justice more than disciplining right and wrong? Is justice seeing everything justly? The world is in a dark condition, prejudice and hatred of every kind is litterally tearing it to pieces, but I have hope in the custodians of the opposite forces, of love and integrity.

Pen and ink is my medium of choice.

If you have any questions about a piece, are looking for an illustrator, or want to collaborate on a project send me a message! We can talk, draw, and decorate the world.


// Prints will be available for purchase in January 2016 //

All work made by: Haley M. Jensen


email : haleymckayjensen@gmail.com

phone : (916) 749 - 2219

instagram : haleyjensen

pinterest : https://www.pinterest.com/mckayjay